Handball Goalkeeper Training - Wing shot saves - how to improve wrong learned technique


In this video you will find few exercises which you can use in training process with your goalies for correction of the wrong learned technique for saves of the LOW SHOTS in further corner from the wing positions.

I decided to make this video after getting A LOT of e-mails from goalkeepers and coaches with the same question: "I am goalie, and I have a problem in save reactions from wing positions-on low shots I am lifting up my leg too early. I know I shouldn't do this, but I can't change it. What should I do!!?!?"
So, here you are.

Remember that these are just tips and ideas and you should adjust these exercises and number of repetitions to your training type and age of the goalkeepers.

More about proper wing stance of the handball goalkeeper you can find here:

Goalkeepers in the video: Linnéa Back (PIF, Fin) and Aku Kuusisto (ÅIFK, Fin)

Handball Torwarttraining.
Handebol goleiro formação.
Goleiro de Handebol.
Handebol Goleiro.
Entrenamiento de porteros de balonmano.
Entrainement de gardien de but de handball.
Rukometni golman.


Camera: Jouni Lappi, www.facebook.com/JouniPhoto"

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